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The Google Adwords system is the most important advertising tool for thousands of companies today.
It is vital to check your Google Adwords investment as you spend lots of money per month to drive traffic to your site.

Find out, what your best keywords are. How they perform over time. What keywords were never clicked? What ad is the most successful one?

These questions can be answered simply with the help of AdwordsReporter.

Start today spending less for Google Adwords and get more money!

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This demo shows you how to analyze your Google Adwords account.


AdwordsReporter is a tool to analyze your Google adwords account.

Sure, you have a small overview of your Google Adwords campaign in your campaign management. But each and every click takes a few seconds until you see the result of your request.
With AdwordsReporter you are able to analyze your Adwords account in a fraction of a second. All data is shown in a graphical way so you can see how the different properties of your campaign changed over the last period.

What the experts say ...

As a Google AdWords Qualified Professional, I've been looking for a tool to simplify the reporting process for some time. Google's reports are quite inflexible, and are often slow to generate. I wanted a tool that allowed me to see all the relevant information in an easy to read form.

AdwordsReporter is a quick, flexible and easy to use tool to look at how your AdWords account is performing.

After downloading the data from your AdWords account, AdwordsReporter will let you see all your critical data in an instant. Do you want to compare the number of impressions with the daily costs? The Average Position with the Cost Per Click? Click Through Rate with the maximum Cost Per Click?

AdwordsReporter lets you do all this and more, and can generate easy to read charts and reports in seconds.

To date, this is the only Google AdWords tool that I rate as indispensable.

Let AdwordsReporter make sure you're not wasting money on your Google AdWords campaigns.

Dave Collins,

More Information

You can see trends of your Google Adwords account! For example have a look how your Click-Through-Rate and the position changed over time:

Click-Through-Rate in combination with Position

AdwordsReporter will create similar reports of your Google Adwords account for customizable combinations of

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click-Through-Rate
  • Position
  • Cost per click
  • Total costs
  • Conversions (purchases)
  • Cost per conversion
  • Daily budget
  • Maximal cost per click
  • Content cost per click
  • Quality Score

The reports are created within the blink of an eye.

All your Google Adwords account data is displayed in an easy to navigate overview:

Main Screen Thumb
Click on the image to enlarge

You can more than just browsing through your Google Adwords account!
Furthermore you can add notes when you've changed something in your account.
These changes are displayed within the graphs. Just hover with your mouse over a notification dot and you see what you've changed at this date.

The big advantage of AdwordsReporter is the great output possibilities:
You can create a customizable HTML export. See here an example of such an export.
Additionally you can print out your report or save this report as pdf file.

There's a lot to say about AdwordsReporter. Have a look at theGetting started section and download the free demo version of AdwordsReporter.

Two AdwordsReporter editions are available. The grid shows you the differences and pricing.

Feature Comparison

149 USD
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299 USD
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Supports unlimited Google Adwords campaigns yes yes
Create 56 different graphs yes yes
Change management yes yes
Display of used ads and how they perform yes yes
Group data daily, per week or per month yes yes
Free date selection of shown data yes yes
Drill down from Google campaign over adgroups, search or content, keywords to keyword type yes yes
Export as customizable html document yes yes
Custom print out yes yes
Supports multiple databases no yes
You can add several different graphs in your output. no yes
Save reports as pdf. no yes
Save reports as images no yes
Filter data by a single ad no yes

AdwordsReporter runs with Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Best of all: You don't need to create any additional accounts at Google! (e. g. Google api account)

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