Quickstart > Change management of your Google adwords account

Change Management

The key to a successful Google Adwords account is that you try different settings. Change your ads, change your maximum cost per click. Try everything.

Knowing what changed is very important, too.
AdwordsReporter has a built in change management.

Click on 'Add' in the right corner on the bottom to add a change for the current selection:

Add Change

The change management dialogue opens:

Change Management

Select your campaign, your Ad Group and the date when you've changed something.
Finally enter the changes you made in the text field and click on 'Save'.

A orange dot will be displayed on the top of your graph. This indicates that you've changed something on this date.

Change is displayed

Hover with your mouse over the orange dot and the change will be displayed in the change note field.

To manage your changes click on 'Mangage' to open the change management:

Edit Changes

Here you can browse through the different campaigns and adgroups for your changes. You can add, edit or delete the changes.