Quickstart for AdwordsReporter

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How to create a report in your Google report center
Import this created Google adwords report
Interface introduction of AdwordsReporter
Manage your changes of your Google adwords account

How to create a report in your Google report center

First of all you need to create a report in your Google Adwords account.

Log in to your Adwords account and click on the 'Reports' tab.

Click on Report

Select "Create a New Report"

Create Report now

Click on Option "Ad Performance".

Option Ad Performance

Select 'Text Ad' as Ad Variations and 'Daily' as 'View (Unit of Time)'.
Additionally you can specify a date range and you can select all or only a specific campaign.

Select Text Ad

Now click on 'Add or Remove Columns'.

Click on 'Add or Remove Columns'

Select all columns except the columns 'Action Name', 'Action Description' and 'Action Category'.

Select all columns

Give your report a telling name and save the report as template.
You can schedule this report so you get the report automatically.

Very important!

Let the report send you with a xml attachment.

Name Report

To create the report click on the button 'Create Report'.

Click on Create Report

Now Google is creating the report. This takes some time. When the report is created then it will be sent to your email address you've entered.

Report is being created

When the report is completed then you get the report either by email as attachment or you click on the report to open the report.

Download XML File

Click on the tab 'Export Report' and then on 'XML' to download the report you need for the import in AdwordsReporter.

Continue with Step 2:
Import your xml file to AdwordsReporter.